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Products sold for pest control anywhere in Australia should be listed and registered with the Mosquito Control Association of Australia before they are used. This will ensure the safety of the product and its effectiveness at killing adult mosquitoes.

mosquito feeding on a human arm

If a product contains just one of these effective mosquito poisons, you can bet that it is safe and effective at killing the types of adult mosquitoes that are typically found throughout the country. Here is a list approved chemicals you can use to kill mosquitoes in residential areas.

– Permethrin
– Pyrethrum
– Tetramethrin
– Cypermethrin
– Deltamethrin
– Bifenthrin

These chemicals are all legal in Australia as long as  they are used for the purpose of pest control. Obviously, you’re not supposed to put them in someone’s tea!

The Mosquito Control Association Of Australia Also Encourages Home Owners Too…

Home owners should not rely completely on poison for their pest control. There are several maintenance tasks you can do around the house that may cause a reduction in the amount of mosquitoes. Be sure to follow them all so you can use as few chemicals as possible.

You should keep your roof gutters clear of any leaves  or other vegetation. This can block the passage way and cause a build up of water as a result. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes almost as well as a bug-vapour. Yet, it allows them to prosper instead of killing them.

You should also make sure all pots and pans located outside aren’t filled with water after it rains. Pots, weather empty or containing a plant and soil, can overflow after inclement weather. This can create more stagnant water to attract mosquitoes. Plus, excess water is sure to drown any plants you might have in your pots.

In mosquito season, or right after bad weather, you should also apply personal repellents to you and your family so that bugs are not attracted. A lot of personal repellents will repel ants as well as mosquitoes. The most effective bug repellents include chemicals, but natural ones that contain ingredients like patchouli work as well.

The Mosquito Control Association Of Australia Recommends That You Spray Diluted Pesticides

The chemicals approved for use mentioned above should be added into a power sprayer that also contains a generous amount of water. This spray should then be applied to the fence, shrubs, and around the front door. It is also recommended that you pay special attention to the bottom of leaves when you spray plants. Mosquitoes have a habit of resting during the daytime there.

Some Mosquitoes Are To Be Expected

In our hot and humid climate, it isn’t realistic to think that you can exterminate every mosquito. If you use these mosquito  control measures properly, you should be able to keep the spices down to a minimum. Be consistent and remember to pay extra care to your mosquito routine during times of wet weather. There are lots of effective measures to safely control the population of mosquitoes around your home.

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